Not only does Celtec offer a customisation service, we also offer a repair and maintenance program – including pick up and delivery.

client and customer relation

Customisation process

Celtec have a rigid process for our customisation process. The customers are a part of the process from start to end to make sure all needs are met.

motion simulation

Motion simulation

Celtec conducts motion simulation of forces to ensure the Cel-­‐Lock™ twistlocks are safely securing the containers during transport.

Repair & Maintenance program

Repair & Maintenance program

Celtec have a repair and maintenance program for any customer. It is an efficient program with arranged pick up from customer and return to customer. All products are rigorously inspected as well as tested before delivery.

Celtec’s Customer Support, Repair and Maintenance Program

Collect Cel-Locks from customer

Detailed inspection

Repair Cel-Locks All activators are changed


Return Cel-Locks to customer