Research & Development

Twist locks to lock down freight containers have been in use since the design of ISO freight containers. It has always been important to know if the Twist locks are locked or unlocked. The locking and securing of freight containers, equipped with International Standard Organization (ISO) bottom corner castings or their equivalent, to load carriers such as truck chassis or railcars, has been perused for more than 30 years.

Over the years, different types of locking devices to secure freight containers on load carriers have been developed. Depending on the circumstances of the security required, three main categories of Twist locks have been developed and used, namely, position locks, positive locking devices (fully automatic) and positive manual locking devices.

The Cel-Lock™ Twist locks have been in the market for more than twenty years starting with the basic manual Twist lock TKH and BTL and relating fittings. Since then, the range of Twist locks and fittings has expanded to include the patented fully automatic Twist locks including TFA, TFA-EP, TFAD, TFAC and TFAR. The TFAR Twist lock system is the only real fully automatic system in the market where no manual handling is required. An entirely new system is being developed to accommodate all the Celtec type of Twist locks.

During 2014 we will release a number of new developments, one being the Tilt-Release function. This function is a new development and is aimed at ensuring easy and safe release of uneven loaded containers. It will initially be fitted on the 3rd generation Cel-Lock fully automatic twist locks which also incorporates a SAFETY Indicator.

The Cel-Lock™ fully automatic Twist lock systems are designed to accommodate the need for positive vertical load and easy locking and unlocking of all Twist locks, during the use of different length containers on the same railcar. The Cel-Lock™ Twist lock system facilities easy loading of cargo containers as the Cel-Lock™ twistlocks locks automatically by lowering the container with the corner casting onto the Cel-Lock™.

The Cel-Lock™ Twist locks permits maximum flexibility in loading different length containers on the railcar by providing many seating positions in which the Twist lock can be engaged onto the containers. The Cel-Lock™ Twist locks will positively lock and hold down the container under normal transportation conditions and will therefore not disengage from the locked position unless the lifting force exceeds the designed tensile strength.