About Us

With Celtec you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable and experienced company with a commitment to quality locking systems, and unequaled customer service.

Our Vision

Is to be an innovator and leading supplier of fully automatic ISO container locking systems for the railway industry around the world

Our Mission

Is to provide a market leading fully automatic system that enables railway companies to improve productivity and operations in a safe environment. Our products are designed based on extensive research and developed with stakeholder input. Our customers are our biggest asset and we endeavor to always be the company they can rely on.


1985 – Ships

Design and supply of lashing systems for container vessels

1995 – Rail

Celtec launched the first fully automatic twistlock Cel-­lock TFA™ for container rail transport

2017 – Rail – Cel‐Lock System

Celtec is currently designing and supplying a fully automatic retractable system enabling loading and unloading of various size containers without any manual handling

The biggest challenge we are facing is an ever increasing global population and its demand for clothing, food and other goods; all of which are supplied, at some stage of the chain, by transport including road and rail.

The predications are that the number of megacities around the world is expected to increase from 22 today to between 60 and 100 by 2050. United Nations projects the world’s population to grow by 0.9 percent per year on average to an estimated 8.5 billion 2035 and 9.2 billion by 2050.

There are a few issues confronting the transport industry. Firstly, how to achieve improved logistics performance to cope with the population growth.

Secondly In Australia, the total cost of workplace injury and illness to the Australian economy is approximately 5% of GDP.

Safe Work Australia estimated the total economic cost for the 2012–13 financial year to be $61.8 billion, and it is growing.

5% of this total cost is born by the employers, 74% by the workers and 21% by the community. This does not take into account damage to property or loss of company image.

The increased container freight means more people working in terminals and in ports around the globe. Hence the importance to improve OH & S processes as well as increase productivity to keep up with high logistical demands.

Twistlocks in combination with ISO corner castings have been used to secure containers onto ships, railway wagons and road chassis since the use of ISO freight containers started in 1956.

Since then twistlocks have evolved depending on different requirements, however the future of loading and unloading containers lies in a fully automatic twistlock system.

This will mean no manual and safer environment when when loading and unloading containers. It will improve turnaround times in terminals and increase productivity and speed for the operators.