Celtec Rail is a second-generation, family run engineering firm based in Melbourne. With a focus on the design and manufacturing of twistlocks, Celtec Rail provides expertly researched and thoughtfully designed locking systems to the Australian rail freight industry.

In 1986, Swedish born engineer, Ture Nyholm began his venture from humble beginnings in their Adelaide garage, with help from his then 23 year old son, Anders. At a time when the Australian transport industry was solely manually operated, fully automated twist locks were a truly groundbreaking development. One that saw Celtec Rail become Australia’s first, and to this day, only supplier of automatic locking systems

Relocating to Melbourne in 1995, Celtec Rail has grown into a company that now supplies a range of locking solutions globally, including a retractable system that is sure to revolutionise contemporary rail transport.

Today, the company is run by Anders, alongside his sister Helene.

Together, they continue to strive for a container transport system that is fully automated from end to end, maximising not only efficiency, but safety.

Operated from their South Yarra HQ, Anders and Helene work with a team of skilled engineers, manufacturing and service staff in order to uphold their father’s legacy, and supply a product that truly reflects the hard work and skill that has gone into building Celtec Rail.

With a fully automatic retractable system that will define the future of the industry, Celtec Rail continues to strive for the full automisation of ports and rail freight terminals globally.


Anders Nyholm

Managing Director

Helene Raab

Senior Project Manager

Annie Nilsson

Marketing coordinator

Sylvia Pamio

Admin Manager